At SafeRace, we are passionate about providing complete safety solutions, helping support everyone to finish.

An area that we offer particular specialism is in the final mile and finish lines of races, where we have developed an innovative concept – SafeFinish. Our unique approach has prevented medical emergencies, improved the runner experience and even saved lives.

The last mile is the peak of a runner’s journey amongst energetic crowds, vibrant atmospheres, and a visual endpoint. It is also the area of highest risk, as exhaustion and fatigue clashes with urges to reach the finish line, ‘no matter what’.

We have witnessed finish lines that are poorly managed or staffed, or who fail to implement any proactive measures to prevent medical emergencies. Medical teams are often massed on the finish line, rather than spread out across the final mile(s) where the highest number of serious medical emergencies generally occur. 

66% of medical emergencies occur in the final mile or at the finish

We argue this requires a bespoke operating model to reduce risk, prevent collapses and enhance the athlete experience. That is where SafeFinish steps in.

How SafeFinish makes your event safer

  • eyes on the last mile or as far pre-finish as possible
  • early identification of at-risk runners
  • proactive intervention to prevent runners collapsing
  • widespread coverage of defibrillators
  • positive vibe and flow through the finish line
  • collaboration and coordination between medical, safety and race team

We holistically utilise several methods to achieve these benefits:

Spotters: positioned at intervals over the last mile, either in elevated positions or on the field of play, to spot and flag runners in distress. Can monitor large distances to watch for collapses and ensure rapid medical response.

Responders: paired with spotters, proactively respond to runners in distress, provide support and escort runners over finish line. Equipped with a defibrillator for immediate intervention if required.

Catchers: on the finish line, a team of people who are monitoring for those likely to collapse or who have been flagged by the spotters. Will proactively intervene to hold upright any runners at point of collapse and keep them moving, which
allows the body to recover and avoid them collapsing.

Movers: working after the finish line, continuing to move runners on towards water distribution, whilst triaging out those in need of medical attention.

Medical: embedded into this approach is the medical team, complementing safety staff to respond to and resolve incidents. The SafeFinish approach reduces medical incidents by preventing collapses before they occur.

Runner experience: all aspects of SafeFinish operate with runner experience as a strong consideration; contributing to a vibrant, visible and welcoming presence to runners. Teams on the ground engage, cheer and support runners to provide a first class customer experience.

Get in touch and let’s talk about why this could benefit your event.