SafeRace is not just a safety provider, we are so much more.

We are a social enterprise, working hard to raise awareness and improve safety at sports events. We aim to do good in the world – saving lives, reducing harm, creating vibrant and successful events and connecting resources with humanitarian need. Through advocacy, design, knowledge and delivery, we believe that we can make a difference.

We are sporting enthusiasts with a vision to build networks, enable collaboration and champion quality to ensure safe, successful and enjoyable events for all your athletes.

We are experts in final mile and finish line safety and have spent years developing our knowledge and skills in this field.

We are here to work with you to support every person across the finish line.

SafeRace is led by specialists who bring extensive experience within event safety and medical management, contingency planning, major incident response and training & exercising. They are also enthusiastic athletes and keen runners, cyclists and swimmers. This passion and experience from ‘the other side’ installs the commitment of SafeRace to ensure that events are delivered safely and successfully for the benefit of all.

The SafeRace operations team is made up of people who collectively offer specialist knowledge and significant experience of sports events. As part of our bespoke solution for each event, we will ensure that the most suitable team members are brought onboard for your event. SafeRace works with several accredited providers, specialising on individual aspects of event safety provision (such as medical provision, safety officers or crowd management). Each provider will work under our integrated package, following a joint safety strategy and operating plan

Contact us today to discuss how we can design a bespoke safety solution for your event.